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    Hacking Protection Guide

    Rhai Klein
    Rhai Klein

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    Hacking Protection Guide

    Post by Rhai Klein on Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:55 pm

    Hack/Scam Protection Guide

    Why Are Passwords Required?

    Passwords are required to prevent anyone else from accessing your account. It is also necessary to secure your e-Games account. Without passwords, anyone with a malicious intent can access your account and do some bad things with it like taking your identity and creating mischief online.

    Why should I avoid easy to remember passwords?

    We strongly suggest that you create passwords that no one else should be able to guess. Easy to remember passwords can easily be figured by smart hackers. If you are creating one, use a combination of letters, numbers and characters. Use case sensitive letters and never use a single word that is in the dictionary. For security reasons, passwords should be minimum 6-8 characters.

    How do I keep my Passwords Safe

    Never give out your passwords to anyone including representatives from e-games that call you. E-games representatives will never call you or ask for your password.

    Never create a list of passwords on your desk or in file in your PC or computer. If you must create a list, never display it openly or if you store in your PC, get a shareware program that will store your passwords for you. These shareware programs use encryption technology that will help protect your password list file.

    If you think someone knows your password, change it immediately.

    Change your passwords periodically. Change it every six months.

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