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    Steps on how to deposit at bank in Philippines

    gm formula11
    gm formula11

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    Steps on how to deposit at bank in Philippines

    Post by gm formula11 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 8:17 pm

    Step 1: Go to the nearest Banco De Oro (BDO)
    Step 2: Get a deposit slip and fill up the information as follows:

    Step 3: After completely filling up the deposit slip, go to the teller and submit the slip together with the money.
    Step 4: After the teller is done
    processing your transaction, he/ she will give you a receipt as your
    reference and proof of payment like so:

    Step 5: keep the deposit slip and email this informations to our email: Bank, Branch, Date, Time, Code, Amount, your game Character Name.

    Step 6 :
    Give This Information email at zhilerran@yahoo.com
    BDO,La Huerta Parañaque, 02-13-10, 16:35:38, 021b 210 3717 14, Php 2,300.00, Test234.

    *Red carrots spear
    (Freezing)700php/14usd/50rm (+40 attack)

    -Please donate in a precise amount
    -Your Donate Will Sent To Your Character At 6 Pm..
    -Donate at the Bank Before 6 Pm and email your Donation Before 6 Pm..
    -We Will Close The Donation By 6 Pm..

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