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    Chatbox Rules

    Rhai Klein
    Rhai Klein

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    Chatbox Rules

    Post by Rhai Klein on Fri Mar 12, 2010 12:14 pm


    1. First and foremost , respect to anybody is restricted , players must respect the game staffs
    (Such as Administrators , Game Masters , and as well as the moderators) and to return the favor,
    we will give much of our respect to you in order to have a maintained friendly community.
    2. Don't even dare to ask such commands to any game staffs such as :

    -Ask for ingame money(gold)
    -Ask for items
    -Apply as a staff
    -Edit or Mod their ingame account infos(their name ,school , stats or their job)

    3. Do not impersonate Gm's Fm's and other Staffs.
    4. No "Bm" or BadMouthing.
    5. Refrain from spamming or flaming others.
    6. Use your IGN or "In Game Name" as much as possible so we staffs or the others can easily recognize you.
    7. Use The ChatBox Only [When U need Help][Or Just Asking a question related in game]
    8. And the last , Have a good time in our chatbox , we appreciate your visiting or for stopping by.

    Rules By :ZhilerRan Management.

    P.S : Any of the following negative actions may lead to immediate ban or kick from the chatbox.


    ZhilerRan Online

    Give some respect you fool.

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